Why isn’t my house selling in Eugene or Springfield?


Looking to sell your house in Eugene? Maybe you’ve been trying for a while and for whatever reason, you just haven’t been able to sell it? Ever wonder why this kind of thing happens? Why do some houses sell right away while others don’t? Keep reading to understand more

When you want to sell a home in Eugene, you are going to have to work at it. There is no way around it – work is required to get a buyer and a deal all lined up and closed. So how do you go about making this happen when you’ve been having trouble doing just that? Start by taking a long hard look at your asking price and at your house itself…

Trying to sell a house in Eugene and feel like you are getting absolutely nowhere? The real estate market in Eugene is complex and constantly in flux. If you have questions or are looking for some help selling your house quickly, Cornerstone Properties Eugene LLC is here for you. Just call us at (541) 632-4351 or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to discuss your situation with one of our friendly and helpful real estate professionals. There is no obligation, so you have nothing to lose. Call today!

Why Isn’t My House Selling?

Some Reasons Why Your House in Eugene Isn’t Selling

If your house isn’t selling in Eugene, here are a few reasons that other homeowners in your area have had a hard time selling in the past:

  • The house is in bad shape and needs repairs. We often see our own homes as looking better than they actually look. So if your house isn’t selling, maybe you are missing some glaring issues that are scaring off buyers. Get someone to give you a second opinion on the home and anything you may want to update to attract more buyers.
  • There is too much clutter and stuff around. People don’t want to see your stuff when they are looking at a home they are thinking about buying. It takes them out of the fantasy of imaging it being their home – and you want them to do this because they aren’t going to buy a home they can’t picture themselves living in. So get a storage unit and move all or part of your stuff out while showing your home.
  • They Don’t Know How to Market in a Competitive Market. There are all kinds of houses in the Eugene market for sale. You have to make your house stand out by either offering things they others don’t or coming in at a price that will catch a buyer’s eye. Both of these require knowing a bit more about what other houses in your area offer and sell for. This means you need to start by researching your market.
  • Their Asking Price Is Too Ambitious. Too often someone decides what to price their house based upon what they’d like to get out of it. We all overvalue our homes – it’s natural. What you have to realize is that you need to price your home in accordance with the other homes in your neighborhood in order to attract buyers. Too often, what we’d like to get out of a home isn’t even close. So get data and price accordingly.
  • Their Home Has a Title Issue. It’s not uncommon for a house you want to sell to have some sort of title issue – especially if you inherited it. However, title issues can really throw a wrench in the sales process. Before you put your house on the market, make sure to take care of any issues with the title.
  • Their Agent Isn’t Very Good. Some agents are great. They do everything they know how and are always trying to sell your house. Other agents are either not that good, lazy, or simply overworked. Whatever the case, if you suspect your agent isn’t giving your house their full effort/attention – then it’s time to get a new agent.

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