Who Buys Inherited Houses with Cash in Eugene?

Are you looking to sell your inherited house fast in Eugene, Oregon? Cornerstone Properties buys houses with cash and the owner, Travis Daggett, explains how this works.

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Travis Daggett with Cornerstone Properties in Eugene.

We buy houses as is, with no contingencies.

I’m just here in front of Evergreen Land Title where we just closed purchasing another house and just wanted to give you an overview of the type of situation and scenario that the owner was in. It may be something that you or someone that you know is in the same type of situation.

Inherited a House?

So the owner’s mom had died over a year ago and she and her sister had been coming from, boy at least an hour away … sorry actually her sister lives across the country. Her and a friend had been coming at least an hour away, over and over and over and over and they lived like I said, in a totally different town. And this is over the course of a year’s time, just coming and cleaning and cleaning stuff out and trying to get rid of everything. And it just got really stressful and frustrating and they just wanted to be done with the house. And so she called me, I came out, took a look at the house. Within a week, I think it was actually, probably the next day, was able to tell her exactly what we’d be able to pay for the property and then boy it’s less than two weeks from when we initially talked. Or initially visited the house that we just closed.

So she’s able to move on, her sister’s able to move on, they’re able to be done with the house and just let us handle all the hard stuff so she can focus on what matters most. So if you’ve inherited a house or you know somebody that has inherited a house, it’d be great to give us a call. We can help, we have an attorney on our team that deals with these types of situations, where there’s probate. Whether it’s a small estate probate or a large estate probate. Any of those types of situations, we’ve dealt with. And it’s kind of like pushing the easy button, right. Just selling quickly and simply and not having to show your house or list it or pay commissions or have open houses or any of that type of thing.

I’m Travis Daggett with Cornerstone Properties in Eugene. Give us a call. We help you get from sale to sold even if the house needs work. Thanks.

Call us today at (541) 632-4351 or go to our website SelltoCornerstone.com to get an offer.

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