5 Things to Definitely Fix Before Listing Your Home in Eugene or Springfield

Do you own a home in Eugene, Oregon that you are thinking about selling? Before you list it, there are some inexpensive and easy upgrades you’ll want to make to ensure it’s in tip-top condition before you start showing it. You don’t want to fall into the trap of wasting money on repairs that won’t impact your ability to sell the home or fail to fix something easy that could have helped seal the deal. Keep reading to discover 5 things you definitely want to fix before you list your home in Eugene, Oregon.

Five Things to Fix Before Listing Your Home


  1. The Roof: Check your roof for any damage or leaks. A big red flag for buyers are water stains on ceilings that indicate issues with the roof. So repair any water stains you have and fix the leaks to avoid having a potential buyer asking you to redo the entire roof before they will close.
  2. The Floors: Floors get a lot of wear and tear. No way around it. So if your floors have damage, look old, are worn, cracked, scratched, ripped up, etc., this will turn off potential buyers. A new rug to cover rough areas, or a professional cleaning to remove stain and odor from an older carpet can be much cheaper than having to replace the flooring. Plus, it’s a great way to help give potential buyers a fresh clean smell and feel when they come into your home.
  3. The Walls: A big thing to think about is the color and condition of the walls. This can affect the feel of different rooms in your home more than anything else. What’s more, paint is relatively cheap. So adding some warmth with the right color, or brightening darker areas of your home will really help them stand out. If you have wallpaper, consider removing it for a fresh coat of paint. More people like paint than wallpaper in the current market, so you don’t want to turn off a potential buyer who simply doesn’t like the print you have up. A clean paint will invite them to imagine their own print if they are so inclined.
  4. The Front Yard: You must consider the curb appeal of your home because, because you only get one shot at that all-important first impression. There have been all kinds of studies done on the real estate market and they all agree: the better the first impression, the more likely a buyer is to make an offer. The best thing to do is go look at your house from the street and imagine yourself as the potential buyer. What looks good? What doesn’t? You want a clean, attractive front lawn, but you don’t want it to look hard to maintain or time-consuming. Plant a few fresh flowers, paint the mail box, make sure any flower beds are weeded.
  5. The Bathroom(s) & Kitchen: Because of how important these rooms are, many people overspend and remodel them completely. However, you can do a lot on a small budget to really update your kitchen and bath without having to turn it into a renovation. You can resurface any worn or old surfaces in either room. A sink, tub, or shower can be refinished, and you can update old appliances to give the kitchen a modern look at a fraction of the cost of a renovation. Don’t stop there, look at the fixtures, handles, door knobs, and other small details. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a bunch of changes that will really add up.

One last thing, any room or area of your home that just isn’t lit well should have a new light fixture or two installed. While you don’t want it so bright it is hard on the eyes, you certainly want to avoid things appearing dark or feeling cold

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