How Can I Sell My House in Eugene without an Agent?

If you are home owner in Eugene, Oregon thinking about selling your home, you need to realize you have more options than having to deal with an Agent and use the MLS. What’s more, some of these options are far easier and quicker than you may think. Does it sound nice to have the house sold a week from now with cash already in hand? That’s something an agent can’t do for you. Keep reading to learn more.

The Benefits of Selling Your House Without an Agent in Eugene

There is no way around it, an Agent is a middle man. Thus, eliminating them, just like in any other industry, presents an opportunity for both buyers and sellers. Clearly, the biggest benefit for the seller is eliminating all the money they would have had to pay the middle man. This includes commission fees and out of pocket costs the agent will require you to pay to sell your home.

What some homeowners in Eugene may not realize is that listing their home on the MLS with an agent will cost them more than just the commission fees they will owe the agent, and these alone can be as much as 6% of your final sale price. Beyond this, you’ll likely need to repair, update, or upgrade different parts of your home which can end up costing quite a bit, depending on the shape of your house right now.

One challenge, however, is that, unless you are a professional contractor, a house you are trying to sell isn’t the time and place to start practicing home improvements. The market is highly competitive, and you need to give yourself the best chance you can to make the sale.

There is another option, however. You could sell your house directly to a local professional investment firm in the Eugene area like Cornerstone Properties Eugene LLC who would take over all the work of fixing, updating, and preparing your home to sell it on the MLS. This would allow you to save on all the fees of selling with an agent and all the work of trying to prepare the home on your own. Instead of staying involved all the way through, you simply hand off the house as-is and get paid immediately. We take on all the work, stress, risk, and effort because we’re the professionals and you simply move on with your life because that’s ultimately what you want to do.

Getting Set to Sell Your House Without an Agent in Eugene

If you think you have the experience, resources, and time to take on selling your home without an agent or an investor, you will want to start with doing your homework. First things first – a little dose of reality. If you are like most homeowners, the amount you have in your head that you can sell for is likely too high. When you go to see what you can really expect to get, forget using sites like Zillow, this data is skewed.

What you need is not the listing prices of houses in your area, but the selling price. You will likely want to go to a realtor for this. Don’t worry, there are reputable agents who can help you get a CMA without asking you to sign a listing agreement. This is so important because you absolutely want to avoid having a high initial price. Prospective buyers will be able to see the listing price history and if you’ve made a discount, they will be suspect that there is something wrong with the property. Or worse, they may think you are a desperate or disreputable seller who needs to make a quick sale for other reasons.

This is why it’s so crucial to set a fair price from the get-go. You can avoid the headaches that come with lowering it. If you really can’t determine the price on your own, you can always use a professional appraiser. This will not likely cost you more than a couple hundred dollars.

Advertise Your Eugene House for Sale

If you are going to market your home on your own, stick with high-quality pictures. They are really want you need more than anything. A good picture will make your home look attractive and generate interest. A bad picture will do just the opposite.

Don’t risk it, if you even think for a second you need help with this, hire a professional. The cost of the photo shoot will only be a few hundred and is essential.

Your marketing content needs to have as solid a message as it does pictures. Don’t skimp here either. Make sure you are clear, informative, and generate excitement. However, you really want to watch out for false advertising, so make sure to do your due diligence on what you can and should claim before you role this out.

Staging Your Eugene House for Sale

Once you have your listing ready, you’ll also want your property ready to show. So get it as clean as possible, make all the noticeable repairs you need, and go ahead and start packing and moving stuff out and possibly into temporary storage. The more open and free of personal items and clutter a home is, the more inviting it is to potential buyers who are trying to imagine themselves living there. You never want a potential buyer to feel like they are intruding.

Also, think about the questions buyers may have, and how they can contact you after a showing. Make sure you are prepared with handouts, brochures, etc. and make sure that you know your stuff so that you give buyers the best possible impression you can.

Signing a Contract with a Buyer for Your Eugene House

You’ll want to get your attorney involved to help you draft a contract for the sales agreement between you and your buyer. Make sure anything you sign is approved by an attorney. You will need one on the legal paperwork since you don’t have an agent. What’s more, get a title company you trust as well.

Still have questions about selling your Eugene, Oregon house without an agent? Fill out the form on this site or call us at (541) 632-4351 and we can discuss your situation right away.

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