Mortgage Tips Part Four

Video Transcription

Travis Daggett: All right. No money down, no problem. Or is it a problem when you want to buy a house? This is part four in our series about credit, Credit Myths Revealed. Heather, what about down payments?

Heather Ducker: Down payments, this is a big thing. A lot of folks, especially millennials, they’re talking to family that are telling them, “You need 20% down to buy a house.” It’s not true. We have conventional loans with as low as 3% down. There are USDA loans with 0% down. There are down payment assistance programs available. There are FHA loans with 3.5% down. VA, if you’re a vet, you get 0% down on one of the best loan programs out there. If you heard that you have to have 20% down to qualify, call Travis, he knows the right people to get you in touch with the truth.

Travis Daggett: All right. Great, thanks. Travis Daggett and Heather [Ducker 00:01:00], we’ll see you next time.

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