Selling Your House in Eugene with an Agent vs. Direct Sale vs. FSBO

If you own a home in Eugene, Oregon and are thinking about selling it, you have more options than you may realize. Most people think that they have to list their home on the MLS and get an agent to sell it. However, you have all kinds of other options that may work out better for your particular situation depending on the time you have available and the current condition of the house you want to sell.

So let’s take a few minutes to walk through all the good and part parts of the different ways you can sell your house in Eugene, Oregon.

Listing with an Agent

Using an agent to list your house on the MLS is typically the way most home owners proceed. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons you can expect when listing with an agent:

  • Pros: The only pros you’ll find here come if you work with a good So don’t think every agent out there will give you these advantages. That being said, a good agent will take care of all the details of the sale for you. If they are even better than good, they will do everything they know how to help ensure you sell your home and even transition into a new one. So you want an agent with the connections and resources to offer comprehensive services like these or they are just not worth it.
  • Cons: Agents are going to cost you a lot of money and, unless you do your due diligence, they may not be able to secure you the deal you want in the time frame you need. Keep in mind that you will be paying your agent about 6% of the final price of the sale of your home. Additionally, you have to pay for closing costs which can take up another 2% of the total sale price of your home. Additionally, listing on the MLS means you’ll incur a lot of upfront costs to prepare the property and may have to wait 6 months or longer until you make the sale. This means you’ll also have bills and other worries to look after on the property until it finally sells.

Selling Your Home as an FSBO

Many home owners attempt to forgo the agent and listing on the MLS in order to retain the money they’d have to spend to go that route. This may be an option you want to consider, but like listing with an agent, it has some Pros and Cons you want to know about first.

  • Pros: The big advantage here is that you are in control of everything and won’t incur many of the costs you would with an agent. So you can advertise where you want, when you want. Show when you want, and, in general, proceed on your own schedule. This might work great for someone who is looking to downsize as they move into retirement. You might have extra time on your hand and be able to take care of issues without a large concern for selling right away. In such a situation, an FSBO may be the most lucrative way to sell your home, that is, as long as you can find a buyer.
  • Cons: Just like the advantage was being in control of everything, that’s the biggest disadvantage of selling as an FSBO. You have to do the negotiating, you have to do the repair work, you have to do the marketing, you have to do the research on the contractor you use, you have to deal with the title company, etc. As you might imagine, if you aren’t in a position to have the time and knowledge to do that properly, this could turn into a huge headache fast. Another unseen issue here is that since it’s your home, you may be clouded by emotions in a way that an agent would not. This could make you respond poorly to bad offers, overprice yourself out of the market, etc.

Selling Your Home Directly to a Local Eugene Real Estate Investor like Cornerstone Properties Eugene LLC

One option that most homeowner don’t think of because they assume it means they will lose money is selling directly to an investment firm. Let’s look at little closer at the pros and cons of this option:

  • Pros: When it comes down to it, almost everything about a direct sale is hand-over-fist better than the other options except for the final price. Specifically, selling directly allows you to sell the home as-is without having to make expensive upgrades or time-consuming repairs. It also allows you to close quickly and get cash-in-hand in as little as seven days upon receiving an offer from Cornerstone Properties Eugene LLC. There are little to no fees, meaning you don’t have to pay all those commissions, listing fees, agent fees, etc.
  • Cons: The big thing here is that when you sell to an investor, they have to take into account all the issues with your property that they must address in order to sell it for top dollar on the market. So an investment company like Cornerstone Properties Eugene LLC will never be able to match the full-price offer that you may get with an agent and have any room for profit. The key is to find a reputable firm who believes in improving the Eugene area. Someone who has been around and wants to maintain their relationship moving into the future. A firm like this will make you a fair offer because they are in Eugene, Oregon for the long run.

Have questions about selling your house in Eugene, Oregon? Curious what Cornerstone Properties Eugene LLC would pay for your house as-is? Just fill out the form on this site or give our office a call at (541) 632-4351 today and we can discuss your situation together.

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