If I Sell My Home in Eugene Oregon for Cash, Will I Get a Fair Price?

Can I Get a Fair Offer In Cash For My Home In Eugene, Oregon?

If you are thinking about selling your home for cash in Eugene, Oregon, there are two things that will ultimately determine how much you can hope to get:

  • The first of these is: how much available time do you have to spend on repairing and fixing up the property and/or wait for an offer?
  • The second is: how many resources and funds do you have/are you willing to allocate to the repair, maintenance, upkeep, and improvements the property needs in order to make it as competitive as possible in the current Eugene, Oregon home market?

In a perfect world, these issues would not be a challenge and you could easily handle all the responsibilities and issues it would take to sell your home for top dollar. But the reality it, many home owners are short on time, money, or both. This means some decisions have to be made. If you are one of the many homeowners in Eugene, Oregon looking to sell your home who does not have the time or money to pursue the top-dollar method, other options are available to you! Cornerstone Properties is an investment firm that believes in and wants to grow the Eugene, Oregon homeowner community. We routinely pay cash for homes in Eugene – no matter what their condition.

What’s more, we finance our deals ourselves, so when we make an offer it is firm. There is no need for us to get bank approval, which also means we can have you money in hand in as little as seven days after closing on your home.

How Selling Your Home to Cornerstone Properties for a Fair Price in Cash Works

When you start to look for an investment firm like Cornerstone, it really pays to do a little time researching. Find honest reviews of the company from people in your area. Any firm that has fishy reviews or none at all from your area, take them off the list!

The reality is that reputable investors in Eugene, Oregon (we are not the only one) are willing to make an all cash offer for a home that’s not in prime condition in order to save a little money. Once you find one you can trust, the step is to have them make an offer on your home. Now, remember, investment firms need to turn a profit, so they will not be able to offer top dollar for your home. The trade-off for the lower price, however, is a stress and hassle free sale that can be completed in just a couple days with cash in hand as little as seven days later.

This makes selling your home to Cornerstone or a similar investment firm a great idea of anyone who does not have the time or money to make tons of repairs and take months to sell the home. Like we said earlier, if you have the time and money to make the repairs and wait 3 – 6 months for top dollar, you may be able to make more. But for home owners without that luxury, selling for cash may be a far smarter and easier option.

Offers from Cornerstone are fair, but keep in mind we are taking on all the risk and all the costs of getting the property ready to sell on the MLS at top dollar so you don’t have to. In order to turn a profit, our offers have be lower than what you’d receive if you spent the time and effort selling your home on the MLS or we couldn’t survive as a business. Don’t forget, thought, when you work with Cornerstone, you don’t have to pay the fees, commissions, closing costs, months of bills, etc. that you would to make top dollar. This means our offer is far closer to what you’d actually make selling your home on the MLS than it may first appear to you.

Get All the Information You Can BEFORE You Make a Decision on How to Sell

Cornerstone Properties goal is to beautify the neighborhoods and communities in and around Eugene, Oregon and other areas in the state. When you work with us, you can expect a fair price and a hassle-free experience. If your home is in disrepair and you don’t have the time or funds to prepare it for a sale on the MLS, then you owe it to yourself to see what we’d offer you.

Remember, there is NO OBLIGATION and NO PRESSURE. So you have absolutely nothing to lose to find out what we’d offer. This is not always the case. There are disreputable people out there who will try to pressure you into a price that isn’t fair to you at all. That’s not how we work. We want to help homeowners and built a reputation of trust in the Eugene community.

So spend a few seconds filling out are online form and within 48 hours we’ll respond and let you know if we are interested in your property as well as how much we are willing to offer. What are you waiting for? The more information you have, the wiser decision you can make. So fill out the form or call our offices today!

Call Cornerstone Properties Eugene LLC today at (541) 632-4351 for an immediate cash offer on your Eugene Oregon house… or Submit The Fast Offer Form Here >>

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