Best Way To Sell Your House During Divorce In Eugene

Divorce can be a difficult time for all parties involved. It is very possible that the last thing people want to do at this time is work together to sell a house. In our latest post, we discuss the easiest way to sell your house during divorce in Eugene. Depending on your personal situation, dividing … Continued

What Listing Your House Is Really Costing You In Eugene

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10 Mistakes Home Sellers Can Avoid In Eugene

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Sell Your House Fast in Eugene Oregon

How To Sell Your House Fast in Eugene Oregon

Are you looking to sell your house fast in Eugene, Oregon? Cornerstone Properties is the area’s leader in buying houses  for cash, as is with no contingencies. Travis Daggett, owner of Cornerstone, walks through some of the things you should consider before your sell your house. (click play below)

Mortgage Tips Part Four

Travis Daggett: All right. No money down, no problem. Or is it a problem when you want to buy a house? This is part four in our series about credit, Credit Myths Revealed. Heather, what about down payments? Heather Ducker: Down payments, this is a big thing. A lot of folks, especially millennials, they’re talking…

Selling Your House Fast in Creswell Oregon – 4 Tips from Cornerstone Properties

Travis Daggett: Hey, I’m Travis Daggett with Cornerstone Properties here in Creswell, Oregon at Creswell Bakery. Pretty famous, at least for this area, for great food. And Creswell’s about 15 minutes from Eugene. Of course, we’re based out of Eugene/Springfield. But Eugene and Springfield is getting pretty crowded. A lot people are moving into places…

How to Sell a House That Needs Work in Eugene

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Alternatives to Listing Your Home in Eugene: Explained

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Should You Consider Buying an Owner Occupied Rental Property in Eugene

For some people, purchasing an owner occupied rental is an incredible situation. You can turn the home you live in into an income producing asset! However, just like with any investment, there are some cons to consider as well. If you are thinking about buying an owner occupied rental property in Eugene, read on to learn more about some of … Continued

Will Selling Cost You Money in Eugene?

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